What happens to my F1 status if I failed a subject

I’m at my end of Semester 1 (Spring 2022) with 9 credit hours maintaining my F1 status. The way I see it, I wont be able to clear one of the subject (3 credits) and the rest 2 subjects I can pull-off for sure. So I’m wondering that one subject could possibly effect my F1 status in any ways?

On May 5th my Semester (Spring 2022) ends with the university that I’m associated with right now and transferring-out to another university for my second semester (Summer 2022) which starts from May 9th. The transfer application has been submitted and scheduled to execute the transfer on May 6th and in the context, I have the following questions

  1. Since I’m transferring from one university to another, what are the areas I’ve to double check to plan the transfer with out a problem.
  2. What will happen to my F-1 status, If I don’t register for summer?

Thanks in advance!

You should talk to your DSO and they will guide you.

Here is what happened.

I have my SEVIS Transferred from the old university to new one (for summer) and got a new i20 from the new university.

Hope this helps!

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