What happens to approved I-140 if employer changed? Priority Date


My green card has been applied in EB2 category and PD is 2016 Nov. My I-140 has been approved since last 3 years or so with current employer. Based on the current dates for green card processing there are high changes of my priority date becoming current date. What will happen if I change my Employer now?. Can my approved petition be carried further or my new employer has to start the process all over again?. If the process has to be started all over again then what will happen if my ‘priority date’ becomes ‘current date’.


If you changen now, you retain the priority date. But, you need to apply for PERM, and apply for I-140 again. But, the good part with all these is you do not miss out on the priority date. Nothing, you will still continue the process and file for the AOS once your I-140 is approved with current employer.