What happens if LCA is Denied on my existing H1B visa?

Hi Saurabh,

I have H1B for Location A as Computer Programmer. However, my employer is asking me to go for Location B as Web Developer. I am in process of LCA posting to change my H1B Location.

My question is what will happen if because of some reason LCA for Location B is denied? Will it just mean I cant travel to Location B or will it cancel my H1B as well?

Currently I am in India and just got my H1B stamped.

Thanks, Romeo!

If the LCA is denied, it will not impact your current petition and you can continue working as per the currently approved LCA/petition.

Thanks for the clarification Saurabh!

A change in job title from computer programmer to web developer while change in location will require anything other than LCA?

H-1 amendment is also required after the LCA is changed. That’s the norm these days.