What H1 petition should i submit in DS160 for Visa stamping in India through dropbox?

I have a situation with mine and my dependents H1 visa stamping in India.
I am currently in US and my H1 visa was expired back in September 2020 which i got through employer A. I had an employer change to employer B in June 2018 and the respective petition is valid till June 18, 2021. The same employer B has filed an extension now already and got the approval too. The new extension petition is valid from June 19, 2021 till Jan 2024.
I am planning to visit India now for my marriage and wondering what petition do I have to mention in DS160 for visa stamping of mine firstly and my dependents (wife and kid) later. I am eligible for drop box and my dependents do not have any visa stamp yet.

  1. what happens if I mention my current petition which is valid till June 2021. How would I have to apply visa for my dependents later in such case?
  2. what happens if I mention new extension petition which is valid from June 2021? What would the visa issue date and would i able to travel immediately post stamping completed?
    Please suggest me