what gre score should i aim for?


I will be giving my GRE this june. I am interested in fall 2014 admissions.

I am a graduate from NIT, from ECE department.

Presently working as IP verification engg in Samsung Electronics.

CGPA-9.08(2nd topper)

projects: Design of Power Optimized circuit of LC Voltage Controlled Oscillator for use in GSM Handsets(final year project), Wireless Communication systems (DRDO-2months project)

Awards: 2nd topper in dept, Amdocs scholarship(2012), within top 10 All India, CBSE +2 board exams.


I have quite a few extracurricular activities to list too.


i wish to work in VLSI and join Samsung Electronics system LSI design team after my Masters.


I am little confused regarding the score I should aim for in GRE.

In a practice test, i had scored 312, 322 (Kaplan).

It would be really helpful, if you could give me some advice on this.


Also, I have listed few universities:





4)UC-San Diego

5)U of Texas, Austin


7)Univ Of Maryland,College Park

8)UC-Santa Barabara

9)U of Minnesota,Twin cities

10)Virginia Tech

11)Univ of Florida

12)Purdue Univ


14)Univ of southern california.


It would really help, if you could rank these univs and even add few if you feel so.




You have a really strong profile and you would do really well at a top tier school. Your scores are very good in practice tests.

Unfortunately, I am up to date with rankings and reallly cannot advise you.

What I can advise you is that pick a school that fits your research interests and future goals. Look for professors that are good in your VLSI area. Pick schools where they are currently working or a school where the focus is very high. Also, choose a school that is close to some of the companies you dream to work for…you can get an intership there and add value to your profile.