What does it mean if an employer shows interest after an interview and then gives no replies?

I have been looking for a job and have been applying to different relevant companies. Suddenly out of the blues I got a call from a company after a year of applying to the company. It was a US based start up company and I am based in India.

Luckily I had a plan to travel to US so was able to get an interview with them.
I went for the interview and liked the people and what the company was doing for growth prospects. Between the first response from the company and the interview I had few email conversations with the HR. The HR replied within 2-5 days of my email. I did informed them that I am not having work visa (H1) for US and would need one, still they invited me for an interview. Even during the interview visa discussion happened and they were happy to sponsor.

After the interview I emailed them with thank you note and got a positive reply from them (within 2 days) that they like me and asked salary expectation. After few days they said they are looking into visa and will come back with an action plan.
After few days I again got an email asking about my present visa status for US and can that be used for working. I explained them it cannot be and I would need a new different type of visa in my reply email.

It’s been more than 3+ week since there last email, about 10 days ago I send them a reminder email but there has been no replies yet.

Has anyone else faced a similar issue and got a no due H1B sponsorship…

It is clear that the company will need help with H-1B paperwork filing, they may not have done it before. You have to work closely with company legal in providing them help needed. Let them know you are happy to help company with how such a filing is done.

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Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, www.chu.edu; sshankarATchu.edu

I went ahead and called the HR and offered to help with visa. But the HR said that they are trying to come to a conclusion on whether to get some one from outside the US or inside. As getting some one from outside will be mean a lot of legal paper work.

Now I am surprised as they were aware from the first day about the visa situation.

It is understandable that they need time to take a call on this. But my concern is; if they miss the April window for applying for the visa.

My gut feeling is that they might not go ahead with sponsoring the visa; any suggestions??