What do fellow bloggers think?Hold on to an average salary & impending green card or fatty salary & green card restart

Hi Dear Fellow Bloggers,

Please let me know what you think would be a better according to you.

I work at an IT consulting firm deployed to a client place , commands a decent salary (which is of 60th percentile of all the salary of people doing same job in the city ), good reputation , highly valued for skills, well established , my PERM is appproved , I140 not yet filed , my prirority is always current by my birthplace.Have to renew my visa end of this year

Now I am offered a new position at a company in the same city , which would put me in the 95th percentile (using same crtieria as above here , 40 percent hike).Permenant position at the end client. Role is promising . But will have to re-establish, re-built the reputation. Foremost will have to start the GC again , which the company will start only after 1 year of joining .And last but not the least leave my comfirt zone.

Your decision should be weighed based on stability comparison of the two companies. Which company appears to have a longer life?