What course/stream to choose for higher studies abroad?

It was recently that I came across your blog and was highly impressed by the viewpoints you expressed about the study in US options. I am a Bachelor in Technology graduate from a renowned university in India, working currently at an IT consulting firm namely Mindtree Ltd in Bangalore. Well the interesting fact being, my area of study in B.Tech was Electronics & Communication Engineering but still I ended up in the IT sector. Speaking the truth, when I was mid-way my degree, I realized electronics isn’t my thing and I won’t blame that thought on anyone, it was my voice speaking from within. So next, I graduated well with very decent grades and joined this company.

So the next hurdle that I am set to encounter is my dream of higher education abroad. I always wanted to but the utter confusion being, what do I choose to pursue? M.S or MBA? For M.S, I won’t be able to go ahead with any electronics related subject because I am not interested, other option would be Computer Science that would be hell lot tougher. With very little exposure to computer science subjects during my bachelor’s degree, coping up with a master’s degree would be herculean. Now what next then? M.B.A, well that would require having 3-4 yrs of Industry experience with high GMAT scores. It has just been a year I joined the company, I don’t want to wait that long as well.

The other faint ideas that I have in mind, I would like sharing them as well. I like writing, I have a blog (sambitpattnaikblogs.wordpress.com) & I like photography as well. I am good at designing and creative stuff, photoshop and all , these skills self-taught. I always love to write articles, stories, and blogs, like reading books & renowned authors, a bit more crazy about it. Having said all that, now if I revisit my dream and think about pursuing a course or subject related to any of these fields which is obviously falling under the category of Arts, I feel like I would be doing injustice to my technical studies, skills & career. That wouldn’t make sense? And well even what are the job prospects if I say, go for literature? Faint! L This makes me totally sad and indecisive. I don’t understand what shall I choose to study abroad. I have tried searching everywhere and posting everywhere in forums, but no one came up with a solution, may be no one wants to. I thought I would get some guidance from you, any sort of suggestions would help. I request you to kindly revert back. It would be a real help. If you would ask me to improve my skills in any field required I would happily do that, I just need a direction, kindly help me out through this.

Thanks a regards, awaiting a reply.

Hi Sambit,

I also got your email and have responded there.

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. [www.chu.edu](http://www.chu.edu/)


  I can imagine your situation. It can be frustrating to make a decision. if you have not, check this section : [Jung Typology Test ](http://redbus2us.com/mba-or-ms-in-us-take-jung-personality-test-to-decide-msmba-career/) to get some insight on your personality and interests. 

Overall, clearly the best way to decide your career decision is to think of where you see yourself in the next 10 years or 15 years. Your education should help you achieve that dream. Putting thoughts on a paper is a better idea.  Personally, I have had an MS  in CS, but realized thats not what I wanted, hence went for MBA. It is never too late, take some time and talk to few people, you will be surprised, how many people can advise and guide, just ASK ! 


Good Luck !