What could be a Proof of Petitioner's Domicile if Petitioner was dependent and had no any job, bank account, or lease paper?

I had an interview at the US Embassy Islamabad, the interview went well, but the Consular did not issue me the visa and said to show Petitioner’s Proof of Domicile.

My wife is the petitioner of my case, she is a US Citizen. She has been living in Pakistan since 2017 and did not go back. My wife was dependent upon her parents before marriage so she did not have any bank account, house paper, vehicle ownership, and tax return.

My Question is how I could show the Proof of her Domicile?

We have one year old son he is also US Citizen.

Please give me advice to get out of this situation.


Well, I am not sure, if that is a requirement for your Visa interview…What Visa are you seeking ?
Talk to an attorney on this as they would know.