What can be my H1B Application Status.

Hi Saurabh,

I applied my H1B with Premium Processing for 2013. Application reached on June 11, 10:30AM via FedEx and the status shows ‘Delivered’ under FedEx tracking system.

My LCA was in Filed (but not certified at that time) when the attorney sent H1B application. But, in few days it was certified. We did not hear anything from USCIS as of now. Neither Application tracking number (i.e WAC) nor RFE.

My Employer and Attorney says we could not do anything to follow up as of now except waiting for some more time.

Please advise what could be the status. What could be happening? I know one known issue - We submited the application without LCA Certified, but it was filed. Other than this, i think everything should be good.

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure if USCIS will consider the petition without valid certified LCA. If they don’t accept petitions w/o LCA, the petition package will be returned back to the petitioner. If they accept the petition w/ LCA, then it will be in RFE for sure as they cannot process your petition w/o a valid certified LCA.

I believe they might have rejected your petition due to the absence of valid certified LCA and in that case it might take some time for your petitioner to get the package back. Otherwise, USCIS would have updated the petitioner with the receipt number by now, since its a Premium Processing petition.