What are the chances for my H1B 2015 to be approved after RFE?

I got my RFE from the USCIS today and employer is asking for the below docs. The response will be prepared by the employer on this. Do I stand a chance for H1B selection?

Valid and Signed SOW CRITICAL Milestone Plans (If Applicable, please check with your BRM for these documents) Purchase Orders (If Applicable, please check with your BRM for these documents) Invoices/Payment Advices (If Applicable, please check with your BRM for these documents) Organizational Chart for the U.S. project showing the associate’s reporting hierarchy (DO NOT INCLUDE VISA CLASSIFICATIONS FOR THE EMPLOYEES ON THE WORK CHART) CRITICAL Associate’s Offer Letter and Terms of Employment, Benefits Summary, and any Promotion or Salary Letters (i.e. Offer Letter, appointment letter, Recent Annual Compensation Letter, Recent Promotion Letter, recent pay statements.) CRITICAL Full U.S. contact information for the associate’s direct supervisor at the U.S. project location CRITICAL (Please include the Name, Position, phone number, email address, and work location address of the associate’s supervisor) Also, please have the attached End-Client Confirmation Letter completed and signed by the End-Client and the BRM Letter signed by the BRM for the project CRITICAL (2) SPECIALITY OCCUPATION POSITION. CRITICAL. As such, please provide Please describe ALL of the Associate’s job duties for the Developer User Interface position in detail, with specific attention to the percentage of time spent, hours per week, level of responsibility, and the minimum education, training, and experience necessary for each duty. Provide a complete list of the various software tools, languages and technologies used to perform the job duties. Provide a detailed description of the project, and explain what the associate’s role within the project will be. Please see the attached specialty occupation template below. Use this format in providing the requested information