what are the actual benefits for the H1B sponsors?

Hello Friends,

I am planning to get hold of an employer for h1b-visa but am puzzled with few more questions.Could you please answer my very basic questions ?

1.How are the sponsors for H1B going to get benefited ? I can understand big companies like wipro have thier own projects so they can benefit at the end. What about small employers who advertise that they are ready to sponser h1b?

2.Is there any scope for fraud if the candidate doesnt give any money to the sponsor?

3.On what confidence sponsors gets ready to shell out 5000$ from their own pocket? what if the candidate says(lets say due to some unforseen reasons) he will not go to US after getting Visa stamped?

Please pardon me for my lack of knowledge on this but I am not finding direct answers anywhere. I am a newbee so any help would be much appreciated.