What are some of the H1-B Visa transfer requirements


I recently got my H1-B approved through a consulting firm, which will start from October 1st, 2014. So far I’ve been working on CPT and was very hopeful of starting work on H1 from october onward but as it may happen that the project at the client site got scrapped and everybody was let go. In short, I lost my job on August 15.

As of today, I’ve found a job at another client in a different state (New Jersey) so should my employer file an ammendment or just a change in LCA will be enogh? I ask this because I’m planning to go back to India around November. I would require the stamping to be done as ths is my first H1. Please suggest what should I be doing?

Also, I’ve another offer for a full-time position in a US company (Bay area startup with about 100+ employees). So can I join them from October 1st, instead of joinig as a contrctor in New Jersey. What will be the process for H1 transfer especially considering that it is not yet active and I lost my job with the client for which it was issued.

Do I need to work for my current employer until an ammendment is filed and then apply for H1 transfer with last two pay stubs.

Please advice, I will highly appreciate any input.