What are reasons for LCA get declined


Can you please let me know what are the reasons for LCA get declined of any company? I am having around 6.8 years of experience and I am getting 60K :frowning: as an offer from one company. Is this may leads to decliened of my LCA?

Any information on this could be helpful for me to decide. Thanks!

LCA gets declined for 2 reasons

  1. Mismatch between your experience and salary offered is coming up as below prevailing wages

  2. Experience and background is so common that employer is unable to justify hiring a foreign worker

Both cases require your employer to come up with a stronger argument for your hiring. Looks like the company lawyer may not be competent enough. Do you have reasons available for the โ€˜declineโ€™ argument?

All the best

Dr. Sandeep Shankar, Colorado Heights University, Denver, CO 80223, USA. www.chu.edu, sshankar@chu.edu

Thanks Sandeep for detailed explanation. I dont have reasons available for decline argument.

I just checked the employer history on RedBus2US and I found last year employer 18 LCA got declined out of 26 filed. So I was just wondering and wanted to know the exact reasons due which LCA can be declined.