What are Employer's W2 and W3 docs ? Got a 221g pink slip for missing doc

Hi All,

Please help to enlighten me about W2 and W3 forms.
I am Indian national, working in Singapore, attended H1B visa interview in singapore yesterday, never travelled to US earlier, VO given me a pink slip 221g stating reason that need W2/W3 forms for last 3 years of petitioner. I had already presented last 3 years Income tax returns of my employer company.

Exact Phrase in 221g says this --> Petitioner W2 and W3 forms for Year 2012, 2013, 2014 in alphabetical order.

As per my info and knowledge after discussion with my employer -> There are no W2 forms for a company. W2 forms are generated by employer and given to individual employee so that they can file their income tax return. W3 is consolidated version of W2 forms.

So does it mean that if my employer has 400 employees in US, I need to arrange for those 400 W2 forms ? That too for 3 years ? Means over 1000 over pages …

I don’t think it is practical and reasonable. My employer has already denied me so much of info. I might lose this job offer due to this document request from VO.

Can someone please guide me that is my understanding correct ? They are really expecting W2 forms of all employees ?


It is an unreasonable ask. Ask your employer if they can give few W-2/W-3 forms for each year and black out the sensitive information. They can also attach a letter stating why don’t want to share information of all the employees or submit original documents.

Also check w/ consulate if it is ok for employer to send the documents directly to the consulate. The employer may be open to send more information that way.

Hi Sunny,

What is the status…? Did you get the VISA approved.?




Very dull status, employer not ready to provide W2 of all these years for all employees and hence I don’t know what should I do.

Bad luck. Try requesting employer. Because there is nothing in our hands. I am also in same situation… It is unfortunate that Attending VISA interview in Singapore. There are very high chances of getting Pink Slip requesting other documents.

If the employer has an attorney, ask them to prepare a formal response as to why the asked documents cannot be provided. Then submit that letter as response to your 221g. That’s the best shot you guys have.