What amount should be with a student going to for MS in US ?

Hi Admin,

I am from a middle class family. May I know how will I manage expenses in US. I am planning to MS in US. I am currently working in an MNC in india with 1.5 year expereince. Is there any scholarship plan there and does it depend on my GRE score.May I know about exact figures about it please.


Sudhanshu Soni

There are several factors in deciding the expenses like which university you are going study, its location - cost of living. There are options like you can work inside the campus if you are on F1 visa but its also limited to certain hours/week. But you cannot depend on part time jobs or scholarships alone. I would suggest you to choose few universities and browse the tution fees and other expeses in their website,work on your budget and decide.

Hi Kalai thanks for your valuable response.

What about top 10 university in World. What abour scholarship and all provided.
i am totally new in it so want to know about things.