We are working couple from India, is it worth going to US for 5 years with both working in US


We are working couple in india in IT industry earning total 30lacs per annum. My wife getting opportunity to go to Long term Onsite for 4-5 years to USA and me will be going on L1 dependent and will be working as well.

We have a 3 year old daughter just joined the pre-school.

Would you please advise if it is a good idea going to US and staying there for 4-5 years with motive being saving in dollars before coming back to India

What will be your location when inside US?

It is going to be San Jose/Santa Clara more or less within bay area

That is one of the most expensive areas in US. If both of you will be working, then child will probably go to pre-school. Biggest expense would be rent - 3K to 4K pm.

If your household income is more 150K, then you may still be able to save some money. As you will be traveling on L-1 and L-2, salary of L-1 holder would be pre-determined and more rigid, while the L-2 visa holder will have flexibility to move to better paying jobs.

Thanks for your valuable inputs.

With Mainframe being the area of my expertise, do you there are enough opportunities to get job

I am not in that domain, so can’t say much. Just glance over openings at indeed, monster and dice to see what kind of openings are present and what the job requirements are.