Was on H1B, lived outside USA, returning back on L1A


I was working on an H1B from 2010 to 2013 when I moved to London working for the same company. Now the company wants to transfer me back to USA. I want to enter USA on an L1A visa as that would imply my spouse would be able to work. Is there an issue that I might face when I go for my visa stamping interview. What are the sort of tricky questions that I or my spouse might be asked during the interview. What are the plausible reasons that people might give when asked why you want to enter on an L1A visa when you have been on an H1B visa in the past (as I would be cap exempt)?

Any help would be appreciated.


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In no manner it affects your visa approval process. You can simply say that it was company’s decision to change your visa time. Usually they won’t as such questions as why are you moving from L1 to H1 or H1 to L1 etc as you are not expected to know why company has chosen a particular visa for you. But remember that L1a is managerial or executive visa, or kind of research associate visa. They might ask questions under this category to check if you are a genuine L1A candidate. Many big companies in India have misused L1a visa so the scrutiny could be more on your L1A eligibility.