Was I lied to regarding my final H1B salary in the US?

I was initially made to sign a US offer letter for X dollars per annum after I got selected in the H1B lottery.

A few months later , the company made me sign a new US offer letter for an annual amount that was 10% lesser than the first one.

While signing the 2nd offer letter, I was told that the reduced amount is not final and binding and the actual salary can be increased later.

I have to go for visa stamping in a few weeks and I see that both my DS-160 and form I-129 mention the reduced amount as my salary.

My questions are :

Can I negotiate for a higher salary after H1B visa stamping?

Can I refuse to travel if I don’t find the salary satisfactory?

If this is your first H1B stamping, I would suggest going ahead with what you have or get from the employer. Once you come back with a stamping you might have greater negotiation powers or can also switch employers if you get a better offer.