Was asked to book Consular appointment even though eligible for Dropbox

I tried to book an appointment yday and faced a weird issue.
Eventhough my visa expired only 3 days ago 8/25/2022, and I have an extension approved for the next 3 years till 8/25/2025, and even though I was told I am eligible for an Interview Waiver, I still was asked to book 2 appointments: OFC and Consular. This suggests that I was not given the Drop box option.
I had to login multiple times to complete the form and book the appointment. So, I dont know if something went wrong one of these times and my answers to the Dropbox eligibility questions got reset and somehow prevented me from getting Interview Waived.

When I was filling the details to setup a Visa Appointment, I clearly remember that I was shown that I am eligible for Drop box. But later (after a day) when I proceeded to book the Appointment, I was asked to book 2 appointments, one for OFC appointment and another for Consular appointment. This was quite unexpected.
As per the latest communication from the US Government “Applicants renewing any visa within 48 months of expiration are also eligible for interview waiver.” Since my case is exactly a renewal of H-1B, I should have been an Interview Waiver and asked to book only OFC appointment and given the Dropbox option.
Has anyone faced a similar issue ?
If so, Please let me know if you have succeeded to move from Consular/Interview requirement to Dropbox only and waive the interview requirement.

I believe this will help to free up the Consular appointment slot for someone else and also avoid unnecessary interactions for me and for US visa officials when I am completely eligible for Dropbox.

Here are my answers I hope I had given for the Drop-off eligibility questions.
1, You got the visa after January 1, 2008 => Yes
2. The visa is renewed in the same visa category => Yes
3. You got your most recent visa in your home country or the same country as the renewal => Yes
4. Your visa is still valid or it has expired only in the past 12 months => Yes
5, There aren’t any annotations such as “Department Authorization” or “Clearance Received” for your visa => Yes
6. You got the visa after your 14th birthday => Yes
7. Ever since you got your last visa, you have not been refused any visa in any of the other visa categories => Yes
8. You didn’t lose or cancel your visa, or you didn’t have your visa stolen => Yes.
9. Did your previous H-1B visa expire within the last 48 months ? => Yes.


Based on answers looks like you qualify for IW. Note that even if one gets IW, the CO can give 221g and call for interview, so at their discretion.
I would just call VFS and explain the situation and see what they say.


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Thanks @Kalpesh_Dalwadi . I had contacted the “Feedback” desk and today they responded as follows:

"In response to your question, please be informed that you need to cancel your appointment by clicking on the “Cancel Appointment ” option available on the left hand side of the profile and click on the ““New Application / Schedule Appointment”” option available on the left hand side of the profile and proceed step by step in order to schedule interview waiver appointment from your profile.

We request you to provide the information that is true and with best of your knowledge on step 7, select the correct answer as per the eligibility criteria given."

Thye have so easily said that I can cancel the appointment and book a new one ! When it is so difficult to get any appointment these days.
Anyways, I think they have responded based on what their procedure is.
Most probably I will cancel the appointment as I dont want them to say later that I am ineligible for Consular appointment.