Wanted help with choosing my subjects for Masters.

		I am an EnTC engg. But i figured out that programming is what interests me. I am hoping to do my masters in fall 13, but cant decide which subjects to take up.I guess I would like to go for computer science but application based. Like software related. Could anyone please guide me? I have done courses in C, C++ and JAVA. Its safe to say that i can do programming in any of the three languages.

Well, you have to study what you like. As you are from different background, you will be asked to do some pre-requisite courses. After that you will start the program. You will have choice to pick electives. You can make a decision at that time. Do NOT worry too much about the courses now… Focus on GRE and getting admission into good school.

Thank you so much for your prompt reply. I really appreciate it. The thing is while writing my SOP n all I will have to mention right, like which subjects I will be interested in and as you said I should have pre requisite courses done too. That’s why i was wondering which of the computer engg side will have more of programming and less of theory. I have given my GRE and scored 1390. My GPA is 8.18. You think it will be good enough for admissions in one of the top universities? Considering I am changing my branch?

In SOP, you need to articulate your goal, not just the subjects. Pre-requisites will be given by the school after your admission, dont worry much about them now.
Yes, you should be able to get into decent schools, just need to plan and apply.