Want to travel right after H1 B transfer approval and join back to previous employer

I want to travel right after my transfer approval. Once I come back to USA my old employer wants me to work with him for 2 weeks’ notice period and then relieve from duty.

  1. Can I do this?

  2. Which I797 (Old or New employer) should I display while coming back from India

  3. My visa stamp is for my old employer, should I display Old I797?

  4. Can I still come back to USA and work for my old employer for the notice period and then join my new employer right?

Thanks a ton in advance

  1. If you enter US using old employer’s 797, then you cannot decide new employer seamlessly. This is b/c you will have only I-94 from old employer and not the new one. The new employer will have to file an amendment before you can work for them. Does your new employer know about this plan?

  2. If you plan to work for old employer for 2 weeks, then use old 797

  3. See (2)

  4. See (1)