Want to travel on H1B

I am on H1B valid visa stamped till 17 March 2017. My company filed H1B extension and location amendment on 7 September 2016. It got approved and i have approved petition with me. My employer is same, also Client is not changing same client. I have to attend marriage in 27 Feb 2017 in india and planning to come back on 3 March 2017. Can i travel to India on valid visa which is stamped(till 17 March 2017) on my passport and fly back to USA while carrying approved H1B petition . I don’t have much time to get visa stamped using new petition, just wanted to avoid Stamping loop during this trip.

Chances of admission are dim. It is recommended that you have at least 3 months on your visa. Since it is not expired, you have option of drop box. Use that option since your employer, client is not changing, chance of approval are great.

Thanks Ram for the advice.