Want to return on F-status even though H1B is approved


Currently I am on F-status(my Fvisa is valid for another 3years) enrolled for phd program. Recently my H1B(which I applied after my MS) got approved. I plan to visit my home country for marriage, and wish to get back to US on F-status. Once I am back in US, I want to do COS (change of status) to H1 status. I wish to do this, so that I don't want to face H1 stamping issues(delays/RFEs/etc) in India (as my H1B is from a consulting company). 

My question is: 
1. Is it possible to go to my home country(india) and get back to US on my student status (F-status) even though my H1B is approved? 
2. Would you advise any better way? 

Thanks for your help/advise.