want to know is MS required after 8 years exp in IT

Hi Currently I am working in US with H1B Visa , I am planning to do my MS, my question is I already have 8 years of experience is it worth doing MS here also I cannot quit JOB and do a full time what courses can I take. I dont have a GRE score should I write a exam from where to start …is there any alternate courses that I can take which will help my career then doing my MS . I am a dotnet developer…


     Doing MS in US is always a good for carrier growth and Green card procesing.

     Look for university which offers evening, weekend and online classes. So that you can work and study as well.

    Couple of my freinds did MS while doing thier job !



From your query I gather that you have already madeup your mind on getting an MS degree from an US Institute. If you’re looking to prolong your stay in US or apply for Green Card, then it will be an asset.

Unless your initial educational qualification is inadequate, I really don’t see any point it in. Then again, having an MS has it’s own advantages. So, make an informed choice based on your goals and aspirations.