Want to know if the current L1 Visa is cancelled before stamping H1B Visa

Hello Saurabh,

Currently I am working on L1 B visa in US , at the same time i also have H1B approved petition from 2010 quota - both visas are from same organisation.

My L1 - will expire on Oct 2013

H1 B petition would expire - Sep 2013

I need to know if i go for H1B stamping and if that gets rejected can i come back on current L1B visa.

or if the H1B stamping is put on hold, can i still come back on current L1 Visa.

Is there any rule that before providing approval for new visa consulate would cancel the current valid L1B visa.


Has someone answered this question? I am in similar situation but i couldnt find an answer for this post. Please pass on the information if possible.