Want to know about certificate courses


i am on h4 visa and could not able to get h1 visa for this year.

now i am thinking to do some course in computers and get opt here.

could you please suggest me what kind of course i should do so i can get opt in us.

i am having 5 years of experience in software testing.

i will really appreciate if you can provide me some information.i really dont want to waste time.


For you to be elgible for an OPT you should be enrolled in a certified School on a full time basis continuously for one full academic year (generally 9 months = one academic year) on a Student Visa(F1).

Even though you are elgible to study on H4 visa you won’t be granted an OPT, hence its necessary for you to apply for a student visa. Also understand that certain online offerings from fly by night institutes are not eligble for OPT. Before you decide on a program be sure to carry out your due diligence.