Waiver Eligibility question around F1 Change of Status

Hello…I am filling out the form for US F1 VISA stamping.

I was refused an F1 visa under 214(b) in 2019 but I applied for F1 COS while in the US and that got approved so technically I am on F1 status with an approved I-797 (although I don’t have an F1 VISA Stamp)

During the VISA appointment application, there is a question - “did your most recent application result in you being issued the visa?” to determine waiver eligibility, should I be answering Yes or No to this question since I have a F1 VISA via COS

Change of status is not same as visa issuance, so I think you will need to answer ‘No’. Note that while USCIS may approve the change of status, that doesn’t make you automatically eligible for a visa in same class.

You can consult a lawyer to get a definitive answer though.