waiting for H1administrative processing in Dubai

Hi. On 15th Sep2013, i had my h1 visa- stamp interview in dubai. The main doc. that the officer asked me to give was my h petition approval. Then i was given a yellow slip and have been told, there is an administrative processing could take 10days-1mo. 10 days later, i got an email to submit some additional docs. Such as my employer`s tax refund, our contract,… I could submit them on Oct6th. On 20th Oct, i was notified my docs were received and sent to the officer in charge. On Nov 10th, the consulate said that i should wait for clearance processing. Now is 28th Nov. 2013, and no update on my case (over 2 mos. Now) I have heard the administrative processing might take 5/6 mos. or even more. Even your case might be rejected after months of waiting! Appreciate if i have your comment on my case. Thanks

Any updates on your case?