Waiting 6+ months for RFE answer from Vermont

Anyone else in the same boat?

We submitted the paperwork for my H1B extension RFE on Oct 20, 2014. Regular review. Still nothing. 6 months and counting.

Definitely not going premium. That would basically just be a way to extract more money at this point imho.

Actually Let me take the liberty for answering my own Question!

Answer is Yes … you get reciept number from your college DSO - It means you are picked up in lottery.

Normally there are four ways in which we will get to know whether you went through the lottery process

  1. If premium your employer will get reciept through email , if not premium your employer will get on US mail.

  2. Your college DSO can check the sevis record and say “Change of status pending”

  3. Your employer or lawyer can call the USCIS customer care and they can reveal your result. This process is does not mean you are lost, but at that moment there is no reciept generated on your Name.

  4. Cheque gets deducted on your employer’s bank account prior to reciept generation . If properly monitered, your employer would be able to know.