Wait time for VISA interview in India-Hyderabad


Based on my residency Hyderabad - VISA consulate is the one I should I attend. What is the wait time for VISA interview there in Hyderabad, And also can I go to NewDelhi for H1B Visa interview if I dont find any latest VISA interview dates at Hyderabad.

Please reply to this post ASAP. Please.


The wait time in hyd is 9 Calender days as per below link



[b]U can go for stamping at any place in India[/b]

Thanks. But when I login to https://cgifederal.secure.force.com for taking interview dates, it is suggesting that for hyderabad, first available appointment date is Mar 13th. I have not reached to the point where I would see actual dates so thought of checking with the people on this forum who recently took appointment.

Any how thanks for info.

The dates open every now and then… U must check daily

Got it. You are basically telling that it might even be early (different date) if you look other day for appointment dates. Please confirm.

Thanks again.

ya… u can even get a earlier date if available…