WAC Center processing time for new H1b

Hi, Can anyone please share the new H1B application processing time for WAC? Is it based on filing dates? if yes, then applications filed uptil what date have already got processed? Mine was filed on Apr 30th. Please share the information. Thanks!

You can see H1B tracker to see some WAC Visa status in thiw web site.

Mine also WAC which is filed on May 24 still in ‘Initial Review’ I hope this will update within SEP end.

Mine is April 12th WAC.Still initial review. is it required to end all the petitions by Sep end?

Even mine got filed on 30th April under WAC… Still under Initial Review state… Not sure how much more time will it take… :frowning:

Hi, my petition approved on Sep 20. Filed on May 24 in WAC. Now its in Post Decision Activity