VRN stands for what in the receipt number??

I received a h1b rejection lette from my emp with the receipt number starting with VRN and followed by 10 numbers. REason given was that this is not picked in lottery. Why is this receipt number not anything like EAC, WAC, SRC or LIN??

What does VRN stand for? Is this even a correct number??

Thanks in advance.

I have received a similar letter. And, it doesn’t have any signature of official seal of USCIS. Could this be fraud from the consultant/company in question? By the way was it filed by Nihaki?

No I didn’t file through tat company

I called USCIS. According to them that’s not a valid receipt number. I’m suspecting that they didn’t actually file application in my case and forged the rejection letter. Please reply to this thread if you find something else.

Even I have faced similar thing with thebostongroup… What legal action can be taken agaist them? They are forging the USCIS documents here

Even I have received a similar letter… Isn’t it a fraud? Forging of USCIS doc?