VO said visa approved but ceacc shows "Refused"

Hi all

Can someone who has an idea about the scenario I am facing help me out or is in the same boat as me?

I had my H1B visa interview on the morning of 12/05 and the VO asked me minimum of 15 questions ranging from my employer, salary, to my graduation date and opt and if I was ever out of status.

Then she said that my Visa is approved and stuck a pink post it on the passport and wrote something on it. She returned my I797 and gave me the working rights pamphlet and the slip which tells you how to track your visa and passport.

I checked the status yesterday afternoon and it shows “Refused”. I was not given any slip or letter, nothing.

I work for a product based company in California and I am a direct full time employee. My H1B extension was approved a month back.

I am very very scared right now and cannot seem to understand why they are showing my Visa status as refused.

I contact the embassy and the response I received is that “your visa application is under processing. Please wait”. I am not sure if this is a generic message or not. Also contacted my company’s lawyers and she said it could be refusal under 221g.

Any ideas or advice please. Really worried.

Hi all
Anyone having similar experience as me. I feel like I am the only person having this scenario and there is no transparency.

HI Did you get ur visa issued? I am in the same boat