Visitor Visa Sponsorship for parents - Is my birth certificate mandatory?


I’m applying for vistors’ visa for my parents. One web sites mentions that sponsor’s birth certificate is absolutely essential to establish relationship. It is the primary evidence and all other docs such as school transfer certificate, degree certificates are considered secondary and not admitted without primary evidence. The same website also provides alternatives, but those would take atleast a few months if not a year considering Indian bureaucracy

Any suggestions?



The website you are referring to is outdated.

No need of yr birth certificate.

I can guarantee you that your birth certificate will not be asked to yr parents at the time of their interview

If you are most comfortable having the primary document establishing biological relationship although not required, get a court affidavit made which is signed by a person who witnessed your birth as born to Mrs and Mr…However as sudeeptravels mentions, it just gets complicated because now you need another affidavit that establishes the fact that your mom and dad were married before you were born - another witness required…

Birth certificate is an overkill, it is not required

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Hi Anita,
I am sailing in same boat now, just wanted to check how did it go for you. Did you parents got the visa without your birth certificate?