Visitor visa for parents of H4 dependent

Hi all,

Thanks a lot in advance for your replies on my query. I request for a few clarifications to apply for visitor visa for my parents. I am on H4 dependent visa, my husband holds H1B. My questions are:

  1. Which category should I choose for my parents - B2 or B1/B2?
  2. Is it better to fill out a family DS-160 application or individual applications and then combine them while taking an appointment?
  3. My parents will be visiting me and my husband (son-in-law), however, they will be self-sponsored for the trip. In that case, is it better to just mark the sponsor as ‘Self’? Does this affect the application preference/speed of processing? I see a lot of applications being processed with a primary H1B sponsor.



Either are fine.

Self is fine if they are sponsoring their trip.

Not really as far as the financial documents are strong and demonstrate ability to support self for their trip.

Thank you very much for your reply. That helps!