Visitor Visa for my Mother living alone in India,no property on her name

I am planning to apply for visitor visa for my mother who is alone in india. She is getting my father’s pension as family pension. We have a property (home) on my name, and another property on my father’s, and have some amount under Fixed deposits …
So considering these can you suggest and possibilities of getting vistor visa for my mother.
Even i have to apply for Passport for her and then start this visa process.
And last question - i may have to return back to india as my visa is getting expired, so in this case can i proceed with visitor visa application for my mother and get it processed while staying in India .
Your suggestions will be very much appreciated

Yr mother can get visa even without property.

But yr documents have to be in order.

Since she does not even have a passport , you are late. Passport itself is going to take time.

If you return to India after yr visa expiry , question of her getting visitor visa does not arise.

Her visa depends on yr visa

The answer by sudeeptravels is accurate. Your mother will get visitor visa without showing property or family ties. However, do not mix your visa status into this picture. If your visa status is unstable, repair that first. When my dad passed away, I applied for a tourist visa for my mom - the officer asked me what guarantee existed that mom will ever return to India. I answered - yes, there was no guarantee as she was all alone in India but my visa status (J-1 at the time) would not allow me to stay permanently in the USA so there was no question my mom could stay back, no logical reason. In the meantime, stop feeling guilty as a responsible son about the whole situation…it is not healthy for you.

Best of luck

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