Visitor Visa - For In-laws while spouse also on H1


My wife and I both are on H1.

Planning to arrange Visitor visa stamping for my parents. Is it fine to sponsor my in-laws and send invite letter for my in-laws too?

Or, my wife should sponsor her parents as she is also in H1?

Why don’t you co-sponsor? You can mention both your names and that way you can show joint income and assets for this.

If that is not an option, then it is ok for you to be only sponsor for in-laws.

Please suggest - in case, I am the only sponsor then in the time of verification/interview whether there will be query that why son-in-law is sponsor while own daughter is on H1.

What’s the reason that you are the sponsor instead of their daughter? If it is because you have better salary and savings, then that’s the reason to tell.