Visitor Visa experience for parents and In-laws

Hi My parents and In-laws went Visitor(B2) visa interview at Hyderabad Consulate(October 1st week, Language TELUGU).

4 of them got visa. Just wanted to post visa experinace it may help to some other people.

My in-laws interview.

Interview time is abount 4 min. And He didn’t ask for any document not even single documnet.

V.O: Why are you going to US?

My Uncle: To see my daugter and visit near by places.

V.O How many children do you have?

My Uncle: xxxxxx

V.O: Where do they live.

My Uncle:xx in india 1 in USA

V.O: Is your daughter married?

My Uncle: Yes

V.O: What is she doing in USA?

My uncle: She is working as a xxxxxxx

V.O For which company?

My Uncle: xxxxxxx

V.O Whats is your son inlaw doing?

My uncle: He is woring as a xxxxx and in xxx company

V.O(asked my mother inlaw) : Why are you going USA?

My Aunt: To see my daughter.

V.O : Only to see your daughter or will you visit any places?

My Aunt: My daughter told us she will show some places near by.

V.O: You got visa, tell me the address to mail your passports

My Parents interview is on Octber 5th. (All the supporting docs are provided by my wife as she is full time employee and im working on OPT)

V.O: He is just looking at my parents

My parents: My parents dont know wat to do. so my mother gave him all documtens (he didn’t ask for docs )which we sent from here.

V.O: He looked few documnets and and he checked my Passport copies for a min.

V.O: What is your son doing in USA?

Parents: Working for xxxx company as a xxxxx (I went to USA on H4 then moved to F1)

V.O: What is your daughter in law doing?

Parents: Working for xxxxxx Company as a xxxxx

V.O How many children do you have?

Answer: xxxxxx

V.O where do they live?

Parents: 2 in inida 1 in USA

V.O: Where do you stay in usa?

Parents: in xxxxx state

V.O: Which city?

Parets: xxxxxxx

V.O: How many days your planning to visit?

Parents: 45 days.

V.O: How many days(looks like he didn’t understand what my fatther answerd)?

Parentes: 1.5 month.

V.O: You got the visa.