Visitor visa - 221G Pending status-60 days lapsed -URGENT


I am working in USA for the past 3 years and I have applied for my H1B visa extension currently which is yet to be approved. My wife is pregnant and we are expecting a baby by mid August. I had hence invited my inlaws to be here beside us and applied for their tourist visa. Their visa request has been sent for background verification. They have been issued 221G (which we believe to be given because of my visa extension being in progress). It has already been 60 days and we are yet to hear on both my H1B status as well as thier visitor visa status.

Our doctor here in USA has given a letter stating that the delivery might get complicated and my inlaws need to be here. Is it okay to send a soft copy of that letter along with the pink slip to USCIS and speed up the process? If not, what would be the best possible way to have my inlaws here in USA during the time of delivery?

Thanks and Regards,

Mohammed Suhail

Guessing from your name, it looks like to be an issue w/ common muslim name and not w/ your pending H-1 extension.

Sending that letter will not help in expediting the case.