Visiting visa got rejected inhyderabad

Hi Saurabh,

I have been watching this site for a while it is really helpful . Appreciate your efforts.

My parents have gone to the visiting visa. I have come here on lamar university later transfered to silicon valley and graduated from there.Interview went as below…

VO : gud morning

Dad: gud morning

Vo: why r u going to US?

Dad : to attend my sons convocation.

Vo: which university?

Dad: silicon valley university CA.

Vo: can i have your sons passport?

Dad: gave the passport. He asked it is lamar visa on this…

dad: he studied 1 sem then he moved to SVU as he didnt like lamar

Vo : sorry we cannot give the visa he went on lamar and you guys said wrong in

the first question …

Dad : returned back…:frowning:

Please help me with this situation parents are planning to apply again.what if they ask the same question again very confused.