Visiting India on F1

Hi All,

I’m a F1 student and recently I’ve changed my University from A to B. I’ve completed one semester at University B and enrolled for Second Semester. I’ll be completing my second semester by December 20th, 2015. I wanted to take a break after second semester and visit India. I would get a three month summer break. How long Can I stay in India, is it that I need to come back with in one month or can I stay for two or two and half months and come back before my semester starts? I’ve not taken CPT during my MS program till date. I would like to know if there are any complications in my plan.

Thank You,

If your school is not in session and you are in summer break, you can take all 3 months break, there is nothing stopping you from doing it. You need to inform the DSO regarding the same and have it updated on SEVIS record. There would be no complications with CPT as they are not related in anyways. I would suggest you speak to your DSO and plan out your travel, just schedule a advising session with them and get all your questions clarified.