Visit Home country for marriage converted from B1/B2 Visa to F1 Visa fiance is on H1b Visa

I am writing this as I have few questions about whats going on with me right now so that you can suggest me in a right direction. I came on B1/B2 visa from Australia and I am an Indian Citizen now I am on a student visa with Camden county college in Business administration, but i am transferring this fall or this summer to University for doing my double masters in Information Systems Information Assurance. I will remain in F1 status until i apply for H1 visa.
My question here is I got a marriage proposal the girl is here she is on H1b Visa and the company is about to apply for green card for her, but she want to go to India for marriage after her green card is applied. The match is really good I like the girl very much but I don’t know how safe is it for me to go to India and get stamped while coming back. How much is the percentage of getting stamped now because I am on F1 visa and how much chances do I have after I move to H1b visa later in the future. Is it worth taking risk now because the girl is ready to take the risk and nothing works out she said she can pull me in H4 dependent visa.