Visa Transfer (Non Technical)


Will it be a problem for companies to do H1B visa transfer (Non Technical) with approved i140. I caught up in a situation, any suggestion will be appreciated

I had received a verbal confirmation from a company and they asked me to share my documents for h1B visa transfer initiation (I am not in to Tech side).

But after a week, the Immigration team from company is saying that as i am not into Tech Side, it will be difficult for them to initiate a transfer also they are saying they need to redo my GC process from step 1 (my max out on H1B would be Mar 31st 2024)

My i140 has been approved on a particular SOC code Level 4, i checked on FLC Data Center with my current location, its showing salary of $177k (ofcourse i am not getting that kind of salary from my current employer :blush:), is it because of SOC code and salary would be an issue.

Is there any pointers any one can provide me so that i can convince my future employer so they can initiate my H1B transfer.

Thanks for your help.