Visa transfer from B1 to L1 or H1B


My current employer at India wants me to stamp for B1 and move to US for some time. Once I be there for couple of months (60 days), they would like to file my L1.

Now, my question is what could be the complications or limitations for this COS? I have my wife and 1 yr old baby whom I wish to bring in US once I stamp my L1.

Please suggest!!


Your Case Looks Risky, better you should ask your employer to file L1 petition directly (H1b quota is already over) , if you doubt on L1 visa rejection then even B1 has some chances (but less then L1 which is high these days)

B1->L1 conversion is risky and USCIS might assume you are working on B1 and to continue same nature of work you are converting it to L1

You need to travel alone on B1 and if COS approved you can easily bring your family later On L2

Hope this helps