Visa transfer and amendment

Hi Team,

Currently I am in India and my new employer is willing to get my H1B visa transferred and move me back to the US.

I wanted to understand, is there a specific number of days that we need to work on this newly transferred visa before getting it amended ? Also, will the quick amendment of visa post visa transfer have an negative impact from a long term perspective ? Please share your thoughts.

Thanks a ton in advance!

What kind of amendment you are talking about? Why would the amendment not be part of the H1B petition in the first place rather than do it post H1B approval?

Hi Kalpesh,

So the employer (MNC) wants to first move me to their office in the US (visa transfer) and once we have new project in hand, based on the client requirement deploy me to their location (Visa Amendment). Let me know if you see any concerns from a long term perspective. Highly appreciate your feedback. Thanks !!

As far as your LCA job location, position and wages are in line with your job you should be fine.