Visa status “refused” but passports are still with Embassy/consulate

Hello , here is my timeline

Dropbox appointment for me and wife on May 15th
Here is timeline

May 15 - document submitted
May 18 - status changed to “application received”
May 19 - case status updated date changed

Passport tracking shown - “delivered to post”

May 24 - status changed to “refused” for both of us

Where as passport tracking shows - “no status update available”

On CGI Federal system (the appointment portal) it shows -“ your passport is still with Embassy”

Any idea what is going on?

most likely you will receive the passports back with 221-g slip.
same happpens to us

The passports received with a 221g slip mentioning additional documents to be submitted at OFC.

@akash.raut I am in the exact same boat. What additional documents did they need? How long did it take for you to get the stamp once you submitted additional documents?

they only asked for certified court document(s), it was provided on may 29th and visa was approved on June 02nd. Travelled back to usa on June 18th , At POE no wait, no questions were asked.

We are also in the same boat. My husband attended his l1a interview at chennai consulate in Sept 22 and the VO said his visa is approved and retained our passport with her and gave us one copy of i129s with approved stamping on it. But ceac status shows refused and after 5 days received an email asking him to submit all court documents regarding his past arrest. He already submitted those documents during interview. What more are they looking for? Any help is highly appreciated. Thank you!

The verification process may take some time so you will need to wait for at least about 4-6 weeks. If you dont hear back, you can email the consulate.