VISA stamping without payslip from new employer (i.e. with offer letter before joining)


I entered US on F1 and therafter I got my H1 approved from Employer-A. I havent been to India after my first H1 approval.

Now I transferred my H1 visa from Employer-A to Employer-B and it got approved. I am still working with Employer-A. Now, due to some personal situation I want to visit India and thereby need to go for Visa stamping.

My question is:

  1. I just had offer lettter and approval notice from Employer-B and I dont have any payslips as I didnt started working with Employer-B. I am still working with Employer-A and they are not aware of my change. Is it safe to go for VISA stamping with Employer-B ?

  2. If answer to the above question is safe, should I require any documents from Employer-A as I am going for stamping with Employer-B ?

Please help me.

What was the start date on your H-1B approval notice filed under Employer B?