Visa stamping "refused" H1b, on day of interview after VO said approved


Went for H1b stamping interview today at New Delhi consulate. Interview went fine and VO kept passport and 797. She wanted to review some documents before issuing the visa. did not give any slip or 221g. now the status is showing refused. has any gone through this?

Update: 10/1

Emailed the consulate and they replied stating my Visa is in Admin processing 221g. Even though its still showing refused. I did not get any 221g slip during the interview, I guess its better to be in AP then being Refused. Fingers crossed

Update 10/4

Case moved to Admin Processing in CEAC

10/5 issued

If this is an actual refusal and not a simple computer glitch, your employer has been flagged for violation.

I work for big 4 consulting firms and their legal team is pretty solid in terms of compliance. Do you think there is a chance it could be a glitch. some other members mentioned the same experience (although last year) where it went from Refused to Issued.