Visa Stamping outside india

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Currently iam in Chennai, my B1/L1 and H1 were expired after stamping.
Can i apply for the renewal of B1/H1 from other locations in india/outside india as the appointment wait times for the waiver is less there ?

Yes you can apply at a US consulate from another country.

Thank you Kalpesh and it helps


My H1B filing was done from India, but by the time my I129 got approved I moved to Canada on temporary workpermit on client requirement with my current employer. Can I schedule H1 Visa interview from Canada or should I return to India for Visa stamping. heard that rejection chances ae high when we attend Visa interview from other country, is this true? Please suggest.

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You can apply from Canada, no issues. Make sure you carry all required documents along with the copy of complete H1B petition.

Thank you very much.

Hello, My H1B visa filling done from India and petition has been approved this year. in between this process I moved to Sweden from my current employment. I been to US earlier in 2009 and 2011 on L1B visa. My first question is am I eligible for interview waiver and apply for dropbox in Sweden?. Second if not eligible for interview waiver then can I go for in person interview in Sweden?

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You may be eligible for IW if Sweden US consulates allows TCN stamping. Check with Sweden VFS.


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